Dr. Rolson Sandeep Amanna

Dr. Rolson Sandeep Amanna

MDS (Maxillofacial surgery)

Visiting Consultant

Experience 15 Years

Dr. Rolson Sandeep Amanna is a Trained Craniomaxillofacial / Pediatric Craniofacial surgeon and Facial Trauma specialist with vast  experience and has performed over 7000 Craniofacial procedures in India and internationally.

 Dr. Rolson completed his MDS from SDM College & Hospital. He did his fellowship in Craniomaxillofacial surgery form Mazumdar Shaw Medical Center, Bangalore and AOCMF fellowship in Advanced craniofacial surgery and management of facial trauma from Morriston Hospital , Swansea, UK.

 Dr. Rolson is the first maxillofacial surgeon in India to have completed fellowship in craniomaxillofacial surgery from Rajiv Gandhi University.

He is highly trained in management of all spectrum of Facial and craniofacial deformities and trauma including management of Craniosyniostosis , cleft lip and palate, faciomaxillary trauma / facial bone fracture and aesthetic / cosmetic procedures like Blepharoplasty and Rhinoplasty.

 He is an internationally credentialed craniofacial and facial plastic surgeon for cleft lip and palate surgeries by operation smile, USA.


MDS (Maxillofacial surgery)
RGUHS, Bangalore, Karnataka


Fellowship in Craniomaxillofacial surgery
RGUHS ,Bangalore, Karnataka


Fellow ICIO,


Fellowship in Advanced Craniofacial and Trauma management – AOCMF
Morriston Hospital , Swansea, UK.


1) Craniofacial / Maxillofacial / Faciomaxillary Trauma - Face Bone Fracture (fracture of skull bones /bones around the eye/ jaw bones)

2) Management of craniofacial/Maxillofacial Anomalies (birth defects involving skull bones and face, like abnormal head shape - Craniosynostosis , cleft lip & palate, Facial clefts, Any abnormal shape of the face, syndromes like Aperts syndrome, Cruzons syndrome .

3) Orthognathic surgery (moving the jaw bones to correct its position)

4) Orthognathic procedures for sleep apnea correction

5) chin correction.

6) Rhinoplasty (nose job)

7) Aesthetic procedures (Blepharoplasty/ eye lid surgery, scar removal, cup ear & bat ear correction, ear lobe correction, lip reduction, jaw line correction, chin implants , cheek implants)

8) TMJ (temporomandibular joint /Jaw Joint) surgery. (reduced mouth opening, clicking joints)

9)Ear Reconstruction

10) Vascualr malformation involving face

11) Dental implants & Zygomatic implants

Life member of Association of maxillofacial surgeons

Member AOCMF

Member ICOI

Internationally credentialed craniofacial and facial plastic surgeon for cleft lip and palate surgeries by operation smile, USA.