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  1.  The purpose of the Adhyapak card privileges is to provide healthcare to all teachers and employees of educational institutions.
  2.  Any person associated with any responsibility in Teaching / educational institutions is eligible to apply for the Adhyapak card (Every dependent of the family is eligible. a Separate application must be filled out for each family member)
  3.  An Adhyapak card holder is privileged to have the following benefits.
    1.  20% discount on outpatient consultation charges
    2. 13% discount on outpatient procedure charges, laboratory tests, radiology investigations and physiotherapy
    3. 10% discount on medicines purchased from the pharmacy as an outpatient
    4.  08% discount on outpatient visiting consultant consultation
    5.  30% discount on Health check packages (Preventive wellness clinic)
    6.  50% discount on Dexa Scan as an outpatient
    7.  15% discount on inpatient consultation fees, bed charges and nursing care.
    8. 13% discount on inpatient physiotherapy, procedure, surgery, anaesthesia & OT charges
    9. 03% discount on inpatient laboratory tests
    10. 20% discount on evening clinic consultation
    11. 13% discount on evening clinic radiology investigations
    12. 10% discount on evening clinic pharmacy medicines
    13. 08% discount on evening clinic laboratory tests, procedures and physiotherapy

(These discount terms are subject to change from time to time. This discount is not applicable for cosmetic treatment and outsourced tests.)


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