Dr. Arjun S

Dr. Arjun S

MBBS, MS General Surgery, DrNB - Vascular & Endovascular Surgery

Visiting consultant - Vascular and Endo Vascular Surgeon

Experience 1 Years

Consultation with prior appointment*

Monday, Wednesday and Thursday - 5.30pm to 6.30pm

*Walk in consultation subject to availability of slots

Dr. Arjun has completed his MS Surgery and DrNB Vascular & Endo Vascular Surgery.

Dynamic and adaptable peripheral vascular surgeon and endovascular intervention specialist with excellent professional skills and commitment to achieve the best possible comprehensive patient care.

Vydehi Institute of Medical Science and Research Centre-


MS - General Surgery
Vydehi Institute of Medical Science and Research Centre


DrNB Vascular Surgery
Medanta – the Medicity ,Gurugram


Ø  Arterial thromboendarterectomy and embolectomy

Ø Bypass of peripheral arteries(Femoro-popliteal, Femoro-distal, Aorto bi femoral)) using autologous vein / synthetic grafts

Ø  Open surgical / endovascular repair of arteries in trauma

Ø  Balloon angioplasty / stenting of peripheral arteries and abdominal aorta

Ø  Balloon angioplasty / stenting of peripheral and central veins

Ø  IVC filter placement for management of Pulmonary embolism

Ø  Catheter guided thrombolysis for Acute arterial / Venous thromboembolism

ØSurgery / Endovenous Laser treatment (EVLT) / Radiofrequency ablation (RFA) / MOCA / “VENASEAL” closure system and Foam Sclerotherapy for varicose veins

ØCreation as well as salvage procedures for Arterio Venous access in hemodialysis e.g A-V Fistula, A-V Graft, Basilic Vein Transposition, Fistula Thrombectomy/ Angioplasty.

Ø  Angioembolisation of AV Malformations, bleeding aneurysms and tumors

Ø Fluoroscopy guided placement of Chemoport, Dialysis catheter, Permacath, PICC line and Hickmann”s line

Ø  Cervical rib excision

Ø  Uterine Artery embolization

Ø  Mesenteric Artery angioplasty/stenting

Ø  Surgery/Stenting for Carotid artery critical stenosis.

ØEndovascular repair of thoracic and Open/ Endovascular repair of abdominal aortic aneurysms

Ø  Endovascular repair of thoracic and abdominal aortic dissection

 Ø Vascular medicine (Best medical management of arterial and venous diseases such as Buerger’s

       disease, Atherosclerosis, Deep venous thrombosis etc)

Ø  Vascular ultrasound and Duplex imaging (Both diagnostic and interventional)

Ø  Specialized Diabetic foot care and wound management



Vascular Society of India - Life member