Make Regular health check-up part of your life style, for it helps in identifying medical conditions that need attention well in advance and help prevent ill health.

Lifestyle diseases or chronic diseases like diabetes, hypertension, cardiovascular diseases and cancers have become a major cause of poor quality of life and healthcare expenditure. These diseases have a silent progression and in most cases the problem is diagnosed at a stage when complications due to these diseases cannot be controlled or reversed.

The good news is that these diseases can be screened at early stages and with the right intervention these diseases can be prevented or the diseases progression can be halted.

Our preventive and wellness clinic aims at primary prevention of these chronic diseases. We have developed comprehensive health check-up plans that screen for major health problems like obesity, hypertension, diabetes, renal diseases, thyroid dysfunction; cardiovascular diseases, cervical, breast and prostate cancer, at affordable prices. A physician would review the test results and give personalized counselling and advice on further steps to be taken.

If you are more than 30 years of age, it would be ideal to screen yourself at the earliest.

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